Raising Bilingual Children in Youtube

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Who doesn’t know YouTube?

YouTube offers an excellent compilation of materials in audio-visual format that can be used successfully in bilingual education, especially when in the country of residence of a bilingual family there is a lack of access to products in the second language.

In my search for interesting materials to reinforce the languages of my children, who grow up in three languages (Spanish, English German), I have resorted many times to YouTube. Some times we looked for children’s songs, other times for information on a variety of subjects and also for traditional children films. My children enjoy Youtube and I have one more support tool for having them listen to language.


It is for this reason that we want to make you aware of the information compiled through our YouTube channel. In our channel we have included interesting shorts on bilingual education, bilingual children and bilingual families, children’s songs and other videos that could be of interest.


This it is only the beginning. We wish that this channel grows with the support of all. So send us a link to your favourite videos.



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