Reading and Writing

How can one teach reading and writing?

Learning to read and write in a language does not occur so intuitively like the spoken language, but rather through the active aid and incentive of the parent. The parent can delegate this task to an educational institution or to a language tutor if necessary. The following suggestions can assist the parent  in enhancing reading and writing skills:

  • Write letters, postcards, birthday and Christmas cards to friends and family. This is an excellent way to reinforce the writing skills thus far learned.
  • Use the internet as a learning tool by sending emails to family and friends so that the child   has practice in the language.
  • Motivate the child to learn by providing a various learning materials.
  • Always seek help in solidifying progress made by engaging certain tutors or specific language schools.

Tip: Do not correct the spelling on the original document but rather use a fresh sheet of paper to correct possible spelling mistakes. It is advisable to make the corrections on another sheet than to spoil the letter to Grandma or Granddad.

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