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How can I strengthen the multilingual network of my child?

One of the best approaches is to keep active and improve upon the language skills of our children is to meet regularly with other people who speak this language. Search for cultural association (e.g. “American Friends of Paris”), participate in international groups or organize children play groups in your language.

If you look around, there are many cultural associations that promote the relations between countries, others that try to make known the cultural achievements of a country or region, or others still that just unite foreigners, even focussing just on women (e.g. the “International Women´s Club of  Hamburg” association). All of them are excellent starting points to create a group of friends with which to meet regularly and in which the language spoken is the “foreign” language.

Contact your local embassy or consulate as a starting point to see what associations are available in your neighbourhood, or search on the internet.

For small children you will find special kindergartens, or playgroups which meet once a week, in your language. For older children, you can think about summer courses, student exchanges, or just vacations where the second language is spoken. Or if you have the possibility, send your children to your relatives abroad which just speak the second language, so they learn of your country and family and improve their language at the same time.

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