Welcome to Raising Bilingual Children, the web page for parents seeking information related to questions about raising children in a bilingual environment.

Multilingual Education is a challenging task requiring much creativity, continuity, and dedication for those parents raising children in such an environment.  At  the same time, children growing up bilingual or even multilingual are imbued with a special gift and with added advantages in this most complex global world.

  • If you are one of those parents entrusted with this task, or are thinking of exposing your child to this environment, do not hesitate to read our E-Book: How to Raise Children Bilingually: an E-Book on Bilingual Education and/or the section entitled bilingualism which provides an overview of the most important aspects in this field. Also 10 recommendations, typical questions, pros and cons.
  • If you are providing your child a bilingual environment or have been raised in such an environment , we invite you to participate in our blog.  One can retrieve reports, commentaries and up to date information as well.
  • In our section resources you will find information, tips and interesting links (websites, podcasts, apps) for learning and promoting the English language in children. On our partner sites you will find suitable resources in German and Spanish.
  • In our section links, you will find related fields and sites which are as well helpful and informative. Raising Bilingual Children works with affiliation programs such as Amazon and Affilinet, in order to provide valuable products that will be very useful in the task of teaching and stimulating different languages. Buying through us helps to maintain this website.

In conclusion, we hope this site provides you with as much assistance in your quest for information. And do not forget, all feedback is welcomed!

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