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Apps for learning English

There are new ways, thanks to the new technologies,  that can be used to learn english. Noteworthy are the so-called apps (“Applications”), which can be defined as “small programs” that can be installed on tablet PCs, smartphones, and computers. Apps can be used as an ideal instrument for bilingual children to learn vocabulary through games and stories. Even as a motivation enhancer they are very useful.

Here are our recommendations for apps to learn English.Processed with Moldiv

LearnEnglish Audio and Video

LearnEnglish GREAT Videos

LearnEnglish Elementary Podcasts

Busuu English


Englisch lernen mit Wlingua



Apps that deal with English verbs.

Englische Verben 

English Irregular Verbs


Apps as English dictionaries. Dictionary & Thesaurus

Oxford Dictionary of English T

Dictionary – Merriam-Webster


Apps to improve the English grammar.

LearnEnglish Grammar (UK Edition)

LearnEnglish Grammar (US Edition)

Practice English Grammar

English Grammar Test



Lerne Englisch-Vokabeln

English Vocabulary Daily


Just for Kids

LearnEnglish Kids: Playtime

LearnEnglish Kids: Phonics Stories

Englisch für Kinder – English for Kids

Englisch für Kinder mit Benny



Other apps can be found at online stores such as:  App StoreWindows Phone MarketplaceGoogle PlayNokia Store, BlackBerry App World, as well as purchase from PlayNow.

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