Bilingual, baby!

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“Bilingual, Baby! Many parents want nannies fluent in another language to help tutor their tots” is the title of an article written by Vanessa Hua in November 2005 and published in

This articles speak about the advantages of  using nannies: On one side, it helps immigrant families and their descendants to help pass on heritage. On the other side, parents seek a “foreign-language nanny” to to start early with their children in learning another language.

The article recomends that parents look after other opportunities for their children to hear other speakers using the same language. This can be obtained through school, through visiting a restaurant, cultural center or traveling abroad.

The article also recomends that nannies use consistently the same language with the child to play, to sing, and  to read aloud.

If you want to read all the article look here.

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