On Raising Bilingual and Multilingual Children

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“On Raising Bilingual and Multilingual Children” is an article written by Frances Kai-Hwa Wang and published in IMDiversity.com. This article  give advice about bilingual education and is oriented to us second-and-third-generation Asian Americans. It it a very interesting article. The autorin recomend: 

1. Just talk that talk: the kids  need to hear the language on a daily basis. They should hear differents accents and vocabulary choices. And you can always supplement with DVDs, CDs and friends.

2. Start young and work on your own skills: If you start early you have more or less two years before the child can speak to improve your own language skills and get use to speak the language.

3. School, Tutoring, Travel, and Other Training.

4. Using other resources. Even if you doesn´t understand by bilingual books. The child can learn a lot about the written language.

5. Bee Strict, but not too strict.

6. It´s hard, but well worth it.

More about this article here.

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