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“Foreign Language Power. Can Babies and Toddlers Become Bilingual, or Even Trilingual?” is an article written by Kendeyl Johansen and published in the internet webpage IParenting.

This article speaks about the rising tendence to learn a second language in the earlier years and gives some examples about this tendency. The article reminds us that the younger the children start to learn a second language, the better it is. And also that it is better if you keep the “one parent one language rule”.

But the most  important aspect of the article it is how you teach language to your child. Johansen suggests that the best methode is making the child feel that he is only playing.  Language becomes most interesting if you use it to play instead of using serious adult-child-conversations. The author, suggests  for instance:

  • The use of audio tapes, but limiting the length so that the child does not get bored.
  • Videos and CD-ROMs that present vocabulary,  in a funny and creative way.
  • Books, especially those that the child already knows, and likes in his predominant language.
  • Attending some kind of  language play group, were the child sing and play in other language.
  • Games which help to develop the second language.

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