Bilingual Parenting

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“Bílingual Parenting” is the title of an article written by Nadine Lichtenberger and published on the internet in TheGermanWay&More. This article gives a personal view about bilingualism from the perspective of an American mother raising her kids German-English in Austria.

“Bílingual Parenting” íst divided into two parts. In part one she speaks about the decision to raise her children bilingually and her search for information about the topics, she tell us about the advantages and disavantages of bilingual children and about the different methods of raising a bilingual child. Important is her personal advice to parents to decide early the goals to arise for the child and the family: completely bilingual vs just some passive knowledge. She also speaks about the difficulties and problems and how important it is to have faith in your own instincts and good feelings. She remembers us that many doctors and therapists have good advice and that others have not been so deeply involved in the area of bilingualism.

In the second part of the article the author speaks about her own experience and how important  is to speak only one language to the child, sing songs and nursery rhymes, watch videos, read books, use educational CD-ROMs and visit a playgroup and the country of the minority language.

If you want to read  the article, click here.

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