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“Discover English with Ben & Bella” or ” Englisch entdecken mit Ben & Bella” is the name of a series of excellent products designed to encourage the early learning of English, especially for children in the pre-school phase. This programme includes books, DVDs with stories and songs, interactive games, notebooks of activities and stickers. “Ben & Bella” are two adorable characters accompanying the children and teaching them English in an amusing way. Ben has an American accent and Bella a British accent, and, according to information by the Early Learning Group (the German distributor) the children can learn more than 1,000 words in a playful way and without a professor.

Interesting is the structure of the DVDs which is segmented into different subjects of basic vocabulary: like the farm, the circus, the zoo. And also within each DVD there is a good structure: an animated cartoon story, a story with actors and another section with songs, which include Karaoke versions. In addition there is also a special DVD that accompanies a story book also structured by subjects, which includes the reading of the story. Unfortunately a single CD with the audio-story does not exist. This would be a great improvement! Interesting also would be to have access to stories as Apps.

Overall, a great product which helps our little ones to learn English in a playful way.

“Ben & Bella” have their own channel in Youtube, check it out:

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